Glogster Project

I enjoyed using the computers very much and the use of the technology gave us a break from the treacherous writing. However, searching for pictures after they disappeared became annoying and got on my nerves. Also, i’m just not keen with using laptop mouse pad. Other than that, I actually did like the project and I hope to do more of them in the future. Thank you for allowing us to use the laptops and trusting us with the responsibility.


A Brett le  gusta jugar al golf los fines de semana.

A Brett le gusta jugar a los videojuegos  todos los días.

A Brett le gusta ir de cazar.

A Brett le gusta ir de casa después la escuela.

A Brett le gusta ver fútbol de americano.

A Brett le disgusta jugar a los deportes los viernes.

A Brett le disgusta ir de compras.

A Brett le disgusta ver las películas con su madre.

Mis Gustos

   I think the Mis Gustos project on the Ipad helped my learning very well. It gave be a visual way to remember the vocabulary words as I searched for the pictures. Also, it tested my ability to remember the sentences in English and Spanish and translate it from my memory to the screen. Therefore, by using the Ipads it keeps everyone up to date with this generations technology while still learning all we need to know. I think that using the technology keeps students interested in place of  writing on the general piece of paper. I think that it did help me learn the verb gustar better considering that I learned to write it grammatically correct and use the correct pronunciation all in one step.

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